The Blue Dolphin


One day, strolling along the beach on a desert island in the Bahamas, Zoe makes a magical discovery — four dolphins cavorting carefree in a lagoon. She cannot resist the urge to join them. Thus begins a beautiful friendship between a young woman and a mother dolphin and her baby.

Then something terrible happens: the dolphin calf is captured.

With unfailing determination, Zoe sets out on the seemingly impossible mission of finding the little dolphin in the land of men. But she has one precious asset –– she never gives up!


The Pelican


Owner of a medieval shop in Boston, Alexandra is flourishing professionally. Her love life is not quite as happy, though. So, one day, she decides to put an end to her unsatisfactory relationship and look for the man with whom she will know " true " love! To help her in her quest, she decides on a " sign " that will tell her when she has found the Right One.

This romantic tale will captivate you with its freshness and its many twists and turns.

Who knows ? Maybe it will inspire you to go looking for your own knight in shining armour…

Available soon (2021): more of Zoe's adventures